Wednesday, September 8, 2010

256 Interview

My interview went amazing today. My notebook was all target and i really enjoyed my interview. Very pleased. One step closer to becoming a Teacher.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Completeing My Field Experience

I was very fortunate to complete 2 weeks of working at the middle and high school levels as a physical education teacher. I ended up working 80 hours during my time between the 2 schools. I really had one of the best times ever knowing i was living my dream and how close i am to reality. Both of my schools told me i was welcomed back any time and to stop by and see how i was doing. The kids were all asking me if i would take over and be the teacher there at the school. That made me feel i was doing my job. I ended up making two bulletin boards one for each school and i really enjoyed my work that i completed. I am all done with the binder of work and all ready for my interview. Always dream big and work as hard as you can and your dreams will all come into place. They say if you are not stressed you are not working hard enough.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coaching at the High school

WANT TO LEAVE. THE TEACHERS AND THE COACHING IS AMAZING, GETTING USED TO HIGH SCHOOL KIDS NOW. I LOVE THIS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best feeling is when other teachers walk into my office and say good morning coaches, that makes me know im that close to being the real deal.. L0ve this job, I am going to ask if i can go back after my 2 weeeks until school gets out.... The kids like me already and my getting a good reputation every day :) love this job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I had a great first day at my host school. I really enjoyed my 8 hours today working at the school. Also i just checked my final grades and got my GPA up to a 3.9 WOW i really worked hard for them grades. Best semester yet. 7 A's this smester. Very proud of my hard work. This was by far the most difficult semester and most work I have ever taken in one semester but after nights of hard work and dedication my grades showed in the end. Made the deans list again. It seems like yesterday when i was repeatedly trying to get into the physical education department and i never gave up and now I am almost there. Dream big and never give up......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coaching Physical Education

I am very excited, just called highland middle and high school, going in to meet my teachers this week. They seem excited to have me, i'm so excited to be a teacher and work in the schools for the next 2 weeks... My dream is almost ready to become reality. I will be in the schools as the teacher, VERY EXCITED.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Presentation for School

A letter to the Superintendant of my School

Dear Mr. Superintendant:
I am writing this letter to you in regards to funding for equipment, space, supplies, and facilities for an upgrade for our school district. We here in the physical education department feel that physical education is a very important aspect of every child’s learning just as much as any other academic class the students may take. We feel that our students will receive the most learning with the proper equipment and for the safety of our children as used in NYS learning standard number two. We feel that it is very important for our children to have as many supplies as possible for their learning. For example we could use new equipment in our tennis unit we are currently in at the moment. Many of the racquets are broken and almost not usable for our students. We feel this is very important to receive new equipment along with more supplies because here at New Paltz High school physical education is much more than just participation and attendance and playing the sport of tennis or any unit we teach. When we teach an unit here we believe it is very important for our students learning to cover every domain such as their psychomotor, affective, and cognitive skills. We not only look at our students ability to participate and play during class we assess our students on all three domains. We feel that getting new equipment and more supplies is very crucial for our student’s success and learning. Along with this we ask for more space for our students to perform their skills as well. Using the gym alone is not enough space for our students to demonstrate enough of what is required of them in NYS learning standard 1A and 1B. We would like to be able to use the tennis courts over at the college and would need transportation. We feel this is equally as important because students must have the right facilities to demonstrate to us their ability to perform a skill such as stated in learning standard 1A. Also in order for our students to be successful it is useful to have them learn from learning standard three which requires that our students have an understanding of resource management. We feel that applying our tennis skills on an actual court will be very beneficial for our students learning and awareness of great places to maximize their playing while in physical education class. All of these skills are equally important to us here in the physical education department using the NASPE standards as well. When I first received the job and was working with the older physical education teachers they told me physical education was about taking attendance, participation and reading the news paper. Receiving my degree from Cortland University told me otherwise and I am very prepared to do everything in my power to make learning for my students the most beneficial as possible. What I have learned over time in all of my experience and classes taken at the University of Cortland is that physical education is more than what others may make it out to be. I have learned so much more about physical education than when I first started out and agreed with the older generation, but after much research and years of school I am prepared to do everything in my power to request kindly that we are able to receive the funding for our class for a better education and reputation here at New Paltz High School. Here is a web page of an example of the standards we follow here at New Paltz High School. If there are any other questions regarding this email please feel free to contact me through my number at 555-5555 or through my email here at the high school, I look forward to hearing back from you and meeting so we can discuss this further more in person. Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you,
Mitch Yanik (Physical Education Department)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Yankee Song :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daily Burn Reflection.

My impressions of daily burn are that it can be a very helpful web page once you get use to it,
it can be a bit difficult to understand but once you get accustomed to it i feel that it could be a
very helpful site. I like how it allows for you to keep track of what you ate and how many calories are being used and taken in. It shows you the % of fat, carbohydrates, and protein you are consuming in a day. I do not currently use another online website as an online exercise and nutrition tracker. For my associates degree i had to take a nutrition class and i used my pyramid for a nutrition tracker along with the exercises that I did daily. I kept track of a 1 week period of everything i ate and did for exercise. It was a huge final project and i actually liked it because i learned a lot about nutrition. I have a two year degree in nutrition exercise so I enjoyed that web site a lot. This daily burn tracker is very similar though and a good way to keep track of our nutrition, fitness and our exercises. I as well would like to remain a member of the rock star group after i am done here.

This web site can be used to accomplish the recommended regents level for LS #1B in a few ways. 1B standard is personal fitness and health. This site could be used as a project for kids to follow their nutrition, fitness, and their activity during a whole school year as well as keeping track of what their goals are for that year whether it be cardiovascular or muscular endurance or strength or even flexibility as well as body composition. This could also be used to test students and keep track of their physical fitness as well.

An electronic tool that could be used for capturing data and reporting for the recommended regents level for LS # 1A could be Microsoft Excel. I know this for sure because i was required to use this when i did my final project for my nutrition class and made up a great planner on everything i ate and all of the exercises that i performed each day for a week. I put all of that information into an Excel toolbar. This could very easily be used in a high school setting, maybe not as in depth and long as my final project was but it could definitely be used in a high school physical education setting as an end of the semester project to track how well kids are eating and using exercise to their ability as well as their skills in a certain sport which would cover LS #1 which is the students ability to perform a skill. Students could then take snap shots of themselves using the Picasa 3 program as good examples of their nutrition or if they perform a certain exercise. This is a great way to track how well you are eating and performing a skill over a semester of time by going back and looking at your technique in the snap shot by taking different ones over the semester of the school year.

Video Answers for final

The website is from CBC Canada. The city this story is from is city park collegiate in Saskatoon Canada.

What i feel about this news piece is i feel it was pretty interesting, I liked the fact how this school included hardcore cardiovascular endurance into their curriculum. Many of these exercises were done outside of the physical education class as well. This is a school where many troubled kids attended and exercise made a huge difference on the students in the school. Many of the children used heart rate monitors to track their progress over the year. Treadmills were used in this class as well. I know that it is a fact that when you exercise you do much better in a school setting, and i have found that to be a true fact as well. Many of these students did much better academically after they exercised. i was aware that before i watched this video that exercise helps the brain and many children do better on test if they exercise before hand. I usually use this method before i test and find it to work very well. The schools attendance actually was better with exercise used as well. Many of the children liked this program much more. The PE program that we herd about did not do much motivating for the students. This video showed us poor physical education and allowed for many of the students to not be active and be lazy all at the same time. When children feel that they are not as skilled as their peers they are turned off from a certain subject and will act out by not participating as they should be or would like to. As a physical educator i would try to make everything fun and interesting for my class while at the same time they would be getter exercise and learning all at the same time. You want to make physical education class as fun as you can for the students and have no waiting time and over 50% activity time. The results of the new system of using exercise in the lessons had a lot of effects and results on the school. Many of the students increased their grades in other classes dramatically with exercise. Many of the scores increased such as science. The school has an amazing system and i feel that many people should look at how they incorporate exercise into their program. Many of the NASPE standards were covered as well in this school that we use here in NYS. I saw standards four and five being used which is instructional delivery and management and impact on student learning. This new system had a great impact on the students learning and it clearly showed in the video. Barney was a student who was troubled and showed a lot of progress with this new system. Many of these children were motivated and did bad things until this program was put into place. The one student suffered from learning disabilities such as ADD. Exercise has a tremendous effect on how students learn and participate. I also feel that it is important to add other subjects in exercise programs to get the best learning out of your students. One final thing, DDNF is a protein known as Brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This is important in our students learning, memory, and their higher thinking. This encourages both growth and differentiation of neurons and synapses.
Two books on this study are:

1. “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” by John J. Ratey
2. “Nature's Ritalin for the Marathon Mind” by Stephen C. Putnam

Monday, May 3, 2010

Teaching at St. Mary's Lab 6

Here is a final lab write up on all of my relfections on working with children of all ages at St. Mary's as well as how i have emerged as a teacher candidate.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Heroe's Reflection at St. Mary's

Today was the final day at St. Mary's. I really am going to miss the kids a whole lot. Today was by far one of the most best days we have had at St. Mary's. It was superhero day and we all dressed up for the kids to make the environment much more fun. When me and my buddy Matt showed up as Mario and Luigi the whole entire gymnasium erupted and all the kids started going crazy, they all started chanting Mario and Luigi. The older kids and the youngest kids were all going crazy like as if a famous person had just walked into the gym. I was pretty impressed by the welcoming. The kids loved our costumes. I absolutely had an amazing time this year at St. Mary's. I am really going to miss the kids there because they all became very attached to me like most kids do anywhere i go to work. Like everywhere I go when i work with kids the hardest part is saying goodbye and knowing its over and not seeing these kids and how happy they get when they see me every other week. I have always known that i want to work with kids when i start my career but after today I was just saying to myself this is most definitely what i can see myself doing for the rest of my life, there are no words to describe how happy i am when i work with kids. I got to work with the Pre-K today for some time and that was an amazing experience playing with these kids. Their imagination is just amazing. They were some of the cutest kids. If i get an invitation to work there I will defiantly consider it because working with kids is what i know i want to do 110%. I can not wait to make this my career and change the lives of many kids and just enjoy what i do. Even the older kids were having a blast with me today, some of the kids that usually misbehave were even very good. This was a great way to go out at St. Mary's.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sports are my Life.

Watching the Red Wings game 7 (my team), watching the NBA playoffs on TNT tonight, watching the Yankees game. Sports are a wonderful thing that keep me going. Its like a repeat every night. Morning sports shows, Evening sports shows, and then the games at night. SPORTS=LOVE :)
They are what keep me going in life. Playing them and watching them is what makes the person I am......

Rhesus Monkey Development Experienment

This clip shows me that the baby monkey is going to the wired mother with the milk attached to it very little. This video is very familiar to human child development in many ways as well. But the major monkey mother that the baby monkey was attached to was the cloth mother monkey, this may be because children like the feeling of warmth and comfort over any other variable even including nutrition. A child in development will naturally flock towards comfort and warmth of their mother which is evident here in this monkey experiment. Care giving is very important in social and cognitive development. The monkeys feel most comfortable when they are frightened to flock to the cloth which is the warmth and comfort of the mommy monkey, this changes though as the baby monkey gets older just like with a child's development we become less attached to our mothers comfort and warmth and more attracted to feeding our hunger and feeding ourselves as we get older.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Self Defense Forms

This is a form that shows the kind of feedback I was able to give to my class. I was very pleased with the amount of congruent positive feedback I was able to give throughout my lesson. There were a few times I had to use negative behavior feedback for a few of my students that got a little out of control. Overall my class was very smooth with little problems and I gave more feedback than I had done all year. I was pleased with the amount that I gave back to my students. One thing I would work on is making sure I always have my back in the right direction so that when I am giving feedback I can still keep an eye on the rest of the other students as well.

Also my students had to do a homework assignment as well for self defense. I also assessed my students to make sure they were all getting the concept down of what I was teaching as well. Here is an example of my assessment tool as well as the homework assignment I gave my students for self defense.

Here is a self c-9 form on how I think I did when it came to teaching my self defense unit for lab D. I was very proud of my amount of preparation and I feel that it showed when I taught. It was by far the best teaching experience I had all year long. Based on what I feel that I covered in my teaching self defense I feel that I covered everything that should be done on the self C-9 form. I was very prepared and ready to teach. I was confident and happy to be teaching something that I prepared for. My lesson I feel went very well.

Here is an example of the developing the content that I made for my self defense unit. This information shows me that I used my cues to go along with the tasks I had my students do in class along with the challenges I made for students who felt the activity was very simple. Based on what the information told me it showed that I used my task followed by my cues and then a challenge for students who felt the activity was too easy. The graph based on where the X’s were put shows me a direction the kind of resemble a M letter shape which I believe is a good sequence order for my teaching the content. My task and cues I felt were very clear and understandable for my students to learn the activity.
Here is a time coding form on how well I was able to spread out the time of my activity time and instruction as well as the waiting and management time. After filling out this form I noticed I got 2 out of the 5 points but I was only 1% off from getting activity time which is a huge improvement from all my other teaching lessons. I am very pleased with the amount of activity I supplied for my students and I now know that I am almost getting there and very close to making the percent of activity time for my students. One thing I would like to cut down on is my instruction time, I noticed this number was fairly high but overall I feel that I have showed great improvement since the first teaching lesson. My management and waiting time were very little just have to work on a little more activity and little less instruction for my students.

Lesson plan and Activity progressions for Self Defense

Here is a lesson plan on teaching my self defense unit along with the activity progression worksheet I used to teach my class in self defense. I was very pleased with the way my lesson plan turned out.

Reflection on my teaching Self Defense Unit

My final teaching unit for the year was on self defense. I was very nervous at first when I saw I would be teaching self defense about 4 weeks ago. After 4 weeks of preparing myself and meeting with self defense teachers and other students to learn more about my unit I became more and more comfortable with what I was going to teach to my class. I rehearsed for hours in my dorm so that I would say everything that I wanted to say when it was my time to teach. I worked on this teaching unit for weeks. I had my progressions done and my lesson plan well in advance as well as my visual aids. Meeting with the self defense teacher really helped me a lot in preparing myself to teach for this unit. My reflection on this day was very positive. I have come a long ways since the first day when I taught basketball. The first day I taught I knew nothing about the C-9 form as well as the way I was dressed was nothing like how professional I looked for lab D. I am very happy with how I am progressing as a teacher candidate. I am more confident now but still very shy and need to work on my voice projection. My last lab that I taught I covered everything and more on the C-9 form and I was very proud of myself and the way I prepared for this teaching unit. I was confident and knew what I wanted to say. I was even able to throw some jokes in there as well to loosen up the atmosphere. I did notice I said umm a few times which I want to try and avoid but overall I was very pleased with how far I have come since the first teaching unit in the beginning of the year. I feel that once I can overcome being a quiet person I can do anything that I want to do with the right amount of preparing as well as my work ethic. In lab C I forgot to demonstrate some task as well as give feedback, this time I gave a lot of feedback and I demonstrated every move from different angles as well. I also used intra task variation this time which I was very pleased about and worked out well. One other thing I really rehearsed was if someone acted up in my class what I would do for discipline. I was very prepared for any situation that would occur in my class. I would separate any kids who could not handle being partners and then go from there. Lab D turned out to be a great finish for me and I am very proud of the outcome overall. I would like to just work on being more loud and less shy.

Part 3 teaching video of self defense

Self Defense Video

Teaching Self Defense for Lab D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coaching My brother


Just got off the phone with all stars coach. He told me my brother made the team because he was impressed with his pitching and defense and that he has never seen a breaking ball and fastball combined so good for an 11 year old and that he has great poise and potential to be dominant. Again i'm the most excited brother in the world. Love you buddy so much, all that hard work we do together is paying off.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Great Feeling on teaching

I just felt like telling everybody out there who looks at my web page on occasion that I am in a very good mood today. I taught my final lesson for a class and i did a really good job. The lesson went really well and i covered everything that a good teacher would cover. I stayed up for hours rehearsing my lines and what it was that i wanted to say and what i wanted my class to do. I was very confident going into the lesson and i felt it payed off when i taught. This is just a quick blog on how great i feel to have overcome my fears and do a great job. The picture is just for fun since i am in a really happy mood. Hope you all enjoy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lab 5 Toy Story at St. Mary's

Today at St. Mary's we had toy story as a theme for the day. In this lab I will discuss which games have been appropriate and which ones may not have and different limitations when assessing the childern and their locomotor skills.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Toy Story at St. Mary's

In today’s lab we had toy story as a theme. We did not have the gym today so are alternate was playing outside which was quite a bit different. The kids were much more rowdy. We were able to play our games but some of them were a bit more difficult because some kids who did not want to listen would change the mood for the other kids making it harder to explain the game or play it the right way. When we went down stairs the kids were much better and calmer. I played with the kids and had a good time today. I liked the theme of toy story. I actually dressed up as woody and had a fun time with the effort I put in to dress up and make the kids happy or question who I was or why I was dressed up. I really enjoy working with the smaller kids and to see their expressions when we play the games with them is amazing. I think the change of where we were made it a bit different for the kids to focus but overall they all had a fun time and many of them were out of breath because we had them moving around a lot and doing lots of kicking running and dribbling. I look forward to the last lab when we meet. It has been a great experience at St. Mary’s.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fresh Baby of Bel Air

This was a show me and my buddy did on the fresh prince of Bel Air. I was Will Smith and my buddy was Carlton.... Had a lot of fun with this and hope everybody enjoys a side of me they usually do not see..... Let me know when you view this what you all think........

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lab 4 Easter at St. Mary's

A look at how some of the kids did with catching and throwing a ball. Lab for Easter at St. Mary's as well as difficulties faced when working at St. Mary's along with some suggestions for those problems.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reflection on Easter Lab at St. Mary's

Today was a really nice experience. Our theme for the lab this week was Easter. I wore bunny ears and put some makeup on my nose and cheeks for whiskers and had a great time with the kids. When i walked in all of the kids came running over to me and were happy to see me. They loved what i was wearing and had many questions for me. Every time we go to the school i have an amazing time. I look forward to it because these kids are a great bunch. I love the fact that they remember me and ask me when i am coming back again because they like when i come. That makes me feel really good and i love to see the expressions on their faces. Today's lab was pretty fun. We ended up working with the older kids and played football with them and they had a great time. They wanted to play the entire time. I brought eggs and many of the kids took one home with them after we were done for the day. I truly enjoy my experience at St. Mary's. When you play with the kids and get involved they seem to appreciate you more. I love just jumping in and playing with the kids. I thought for the most part many of the games went really well. I was not able to play my game with the kids that i had planned because we ran out of time but i was able to participate in the other games. Today was another great experience with the kids. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Content Development

Here is an example of some content development from teaching free running. This shows the cues challenges and task i supplied for my class in the order that i used them.

Time Code Form for Free Running

Here is a look at a time coding form for Free Running. After filling out this sheet i was able to see where i need improvement and what i need to work on. I noticed that i gave too much instruction and management time and not enough activity time. It is very important that i am allowing my students to be active more than 50% of the time and i need to work on that for the next time i teach. I would have liked to made more activty time but being unfamiliar with my area hurt me but i now know next time to use more activity and less management time. My goal is to make my students heart rate rise and break a sweat.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Running Feed back

This is a form that shows the feed back that i supplied for the individuals in my class. After watching my video i can clearly see why i missed points on feedback. It bothered me watching the clip because i want to be the best i can and as i was watching it i noticed i hardly gave any feedback to my students which is a very important aspect of teaching or my students will never know what they are doing right or wrong. It bothered me to watch it and not see any feedback or enough. I gave too much feedback to the kid that was doing the best in the class and not enough to the rest of the class. This is something i will for sure fix for the next time i teach because after watching the video i saw that i was too quiet and not enough advice back to my students. I will make sure i use more specific congruent feedback next time i teach. Giving feedback is very important and i now know where i messed up so i am glad i watched this video for later references on teaching.

Lab C Task Progressions on Free Running

Here are some examples of task progressions involving Free Running.

Lesson Plan for Lab C

Here is a lesson plan for Lab C on teaching free Running.

Reflection On Lab C Teaching

For this Lab I taught the class free running. This was roughly around 12 minutes of teaching my peers. I worked really hard to prepare for this teaching unit. I was very worried about not ever being in the gymnastics room and seeing it all for the first time. I know that during my teaching i was not able to teach like the way i wanted to with where i wanted the mats placed and where i wanted the student's. It turned out there were not enough mats to do the way i had placed on my lesson plan. From this i was able to learn how to better prepare my time management because i was setting up more than i wanted to. I ended up teaching by invitation when i wanted to teach with intra-task variation. I was happy that i was able to use scaffolding in my unit of teaching as well as pinpointing. In my lesson plan i had it all figured out how i would demonstrate to the class each task i wanted them to do but when the time came to tech i must have got a bit nervous and did not demonstrate every task i only demonstrated how to run and left out the other task by demonstrating. I also need to work on my feedback. I did not give enough feedback which is very important. I was trying to think of ways to give congruent feedback by using the names of my students that i was teaching. Those were the major things that i left out of my teaching. I was happy with the way i used my visual aid and my instant activity and my checking for understanding with my student's but next time i am going to try very hard not to be so nervous. Not being familiar with where i was teaching really hurt me because that was the first time ever entering that room. Now next time i will make sure i can familiarize myself with my surroundings. I feel that i am getting much better as i try everything possible to overcome my shyness that sometimes affects the way i know i want to teach but don't. My goal for the next teaching lesson is to be more confident and prepared with where i teach so that it turns out the way my lesson plan is written. I'm happy with how i did all together though.

Lab C Teaching free running part 2

Lab C Teaching Free Running

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Playoff Game 2

Tonight was our last game. We lost a heart breaker 51-45. We came a long way playing as a team. We played a team with a 6-1 record and only lost by 6 points. It was really sad because i had a great time this year and we had a lot of fun but its over. We played very well together as a team. We will use this season as a learning experience for when we play next year as a team. Way to go guys. We did what we could and had fun all at the same time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Playoff Game

Tonight was like a march madness Game for us. We finished the regular season 1-7-1 and played a good team in the first round of the playoffs. We ended up winning a nail biter 49-48. I am very proud of my team as we pulled a major upset in the playoffs. We are off to round two now on wednesday night. This was a huge win as we played great together as a team and shocked a lot of people. I'm very excited to lead my team to a round 2 victory next. Anything is possible when you do not give up and believe.

Lab 3 at St. Mary's

Lab 3 at St. Mary's Motor Development Lab

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reflection on St. Mary's experience

Today was a really fun day at St. Mary's. I could tell for me it was going to be a good day because as soon as i walked into the gym all of the kids went crazy and were screaming hes back and jumping up and down and wanting to talk to me which made me feel good. I really love working with these kids. For me working with kids is an amazing experience. The one kid we observed today was not doing what he was told to do so i went up to him and asked him to copy me and do what i did and he listened very well. After i talked to him and made him laugh he would not leave my side and when his mom came to pick him up he told her mommy this is my new college friend Mitch. It was one of the cutest things i have seen working with kids. My song went pretty well with the kids as they all liked the YMCA and did a great job of doing what i asked them to do. Overall though the kids were very loud and did not want to listen to many of the games that were asked of them to play. I feel that i have a good way of talking with kids and making them buy into what i want them to do with me so when i took the certain kids that were not listening and played with them they seemed to really like the game and wanted to keep playing. I look forward to going to the school every time because working with these kids is a great experience. I love the fact that the kids remembered me and were happy to see me. You just have to be a kid yourself and stay motivated and they will buy into what you want them to do. The one kid that really liked me asked his mom and me when i was coming back because he wanted me there every day. Its stuff like that, that makes me love doing what i do.

Basketball Game number 9

Tonight was out 9th regular season game and we lost again. We were completely flat and had very little energy. I only scored 6 points tonight. It seems that when i do not score we can not win as a team. I need to step my consistency up and start scoring more as the playoffs are about to happen when we get back from break. It has been a fun season even if we are struggling as a team. If you never give up there is always a chance that we can surprise some teams in the playoffs.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Basketball Game number 8

Tonight was the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we finally won 42-40. I scored 17 points and we went on for a great victory. Great team win. We finally clicked together and did all the right things i scored we had re-bounders and we played great defense. Great win Team. Lets get back out there and win another game. 1 game winning streak.....

Developmental Physical Education Prezi

Developmental Physical Education

The factors that affect childhood growth and development are nutrition, exercise, illness, and lifestyle. These all play significant roles in the process of child physical growth.

The concepts of differentiation and integration. Differentiation is the gradual progression from the gross global (overall) movement patterns of infants to the more refined and functional movements of children as they mature. Integration refers to the coordinated interaction of opposing muscle and sensory systems.

Examples of early childhood development in motor characteristics growth proceeds at a slow but steady pace, with annual height gains of about 2 inches and annual weight gains of around 5 pounds. Children are active and energetic and would often rather run than walk. In Cognitive characteristics children at this stage are increasingly able to express their thoughts and ideas verbally. Also children learn the how and why of their actions through active play. In Affective characteristics during early childhood, children are generally egocentric and assume that everyone thinks that the way they do. As a result they often seem to be quarrelsome and exhibit difficulty in sharing and getting along with others. They are also learning to distinguish right from wrong and are beginning to develop a conscience. During a child’s later development in motor characteristics growth is slow but steady, especially from age eight to the end of this period. Also visual perceptual abilities are generally fully developed by the end of this period. During cognitive characteristics children’s attention is often very focused especially for activities that are of great personal interest. They are intellectually curious and are eager to know “why.” Also they have more sophisticated abstract cognitive abilities that are evident by the end of this period. As for affective characteristics children are adventurous and eager to be involved with friends in dangerous or secret activities. Children are responsive to authority and are critically conscious of what is fair.

A good sport skill would be basketball skills. An example of the skills used in stability would be pivoting, dodging, guarding, faking etc… An example of a loco motor movement skill would be running, sliding, leaping, jumping. Finally an example of manipulative movements would be passing, catching, shooting, dribbling.

Gallahue’s hour glass model describes different phases of motor development. The first phase is the specialized movement phase which includes lifelong utilization stage with ages ranging from 14 years old and up, next is the application stage with ages 11 to 13 years old, next up is the transition stage with kids ages 7 to 10 years old. The next phase would be fundamental movement phase which includes the mature stage with kids ages 6 to 7 years old, then you have the elementary stage with kids 4 to 5 years old, then you have the initial stage of kids 2 to 3 years old. The third phase is rudimentary movement phase which includes pre control stage with kids 1 to 2 years old, then reflex inhibition stage with kids ranging from birth to 1 years old. The final phase is the reflexive movement phase which includes information decoding stage with kids ages 4 months to 1 year old, followed by information encoding stage with kids in utero to 4 months old.

In the initial stage of developing a fundamental skill, children make their first observable and purposeful attempts at performing the task. This stage is characterized by crude, uncoordinated movements. The child may make valid attempts at throwing, catching, kicking, or jumping but major components of the mature pattern are missing and movements are either grossly exaggerated or inhibited. In the Elementary stage of fundamental movement skill development is typical of the performance of three to five year old children. This level of development appears to depend primarily on maturation. In this period between the initial and mature stages, coordination and rhythmical performance improve and children gain greater control over their movements. Movements at this stage still appear somewhat awkward and lacking in fluidity. Many adults are at this stage in basic activities such as throwing, striking and catching. In the mature stage of fundamental movement skill development is characterized by the integration of all the component parts of a pattern of movement into a well coordinated mechanically correct and efficient act. Performance improves rapidly. Children can throw farther, run faster, and jump higher at this stage.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Game 7 of the basketball season

Tonight was our 7th regular season game and we lost again but we played the number one team and we had a good first half once again and then we fell apart. I scored 9 points tonight. We will bounce back as we have a game the next night. After the game we discussed some strategy for what we will do next game. The one good thing i can get out of this with losing is i am able to do a lot of coaching and game like strategies. Lets get this win the next time out there we will not give up and will use these loses as motivation to get better.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Developmental Physical Education for All Children

The three critical issues facing children in the US today are childhood obesity has been rising rapidly, in school and community violence among youth have alarmed us all as well as early puberty has important psychosocial ramifications. At least 2 goals of the concept Developmental physical education are cognitive learning and physical activity and fitness enhancement.

The three factors that explain the relationships that lead to the development of the whole child are the biology of the individual, the requirements of the movement task as well as conditions of the learning environment. The difference between individual appropriateness and group appropriateness are that with individual the key concept of developmental physical education is based on the central proposition that each child has his unique timing and pattern of growth and development. Movement activities children perform in physical education programs are geared to their stage of motor development and level of movement skill learning. Where with group is important in the developmental physical education program but is secondary to individual. The developmental curriculum is not based on chronological age or grade level but is influenced by both.

Fundamental movement skills include locomotion and manipulation. Some examples include walking, running, leaping and for manipulation ball rolling, throwing, and kicking. Patterns of stability can be observed as axial, static, and dynamic movements. Two examples of axial movements are bending and stretching. Some examples of static and dynamic movements are upright balances and inverted balances as well as rolling, stopping, and dodging. Finally physical fitness is defined as a combination of two concepts called health related and performance related. Health related is your muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Performance related is balance, coordination, agility, speed, and power.

Lab 2 at St Mary's

Motor development Lab 2 Locomotor skills

Monday, March 1, 2010

Game 6 of basketball season

Tonight was our 6th game and we lost 52-34. we played another great game until that last half we fell apart. I scored 11 points tonight. We need to start using more plays and stop playing one on one basketball. We need more communication and more ball movement. In the end we had fun and played as hard as we could for only having 5 guys. We will bounce back next game with a win.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summer Camp Fun with the Kids

Working with the kids over summer. Santa arrived early for some Christmas in July. I really enjoyed dressing up and seeing the expressions on all the kids faces. I love my summer JOB.

Feedback Analaysis Form Part 2

In my feedback analysis form for the jump roping in Lab B for 2 i did a much better job on giving feedback to my students as i came close to 10 kids that i gave feedback to. Some of the kids i did not mention by name so i was unaware of who i was giving feedback to. I had to deal with my first behavior problem both good and bad. All of this practice is great for me down the road and i hope to improve off of what i do wrong and right. I gave much more feedback this time around which was good, and every class i would like to improve how many people i give feedback too.

Jump Roping Transcript Part 2

Through my transcript form For this jump roping unit i used an MP3 player and i was able to just hear how i sounded. I think not being an expert at jump roping hurt my ability to feel confident but overall i felt i did a good job communication and selling off the best job i could that i knew what i was doing and i used a guess speaker to help demonstrate what it was i wanted. A couple times i used um and a few times i got mixed up on the words i wanted to use but i felt good with how i approached my students and looking for the correct cues and behavior issues i had to deal with.

Jump Roping Unit part 2

This time around i was able to teach for 7 minutes with 5 task this time. I thought i did a good job transitioning from one task to the next as well as having someone as my guess speaker to demonstrate what it was i wanted to have done. I did not include a intra task variation this time which is something i need to remember to include next time as well as a visual aide. I think i did a good job using congruent feedback for my students. There was one time when 2 of my kids got out of hand and i had to go correct their bad behavior while teaching my lesson at the same time. I think my hook of asking the kids if they liked dancing or boxing got them into what i was about to teach as well. As i come out of my shyness and get more comfortable i will start to do much better i feel. I gave simple cues and a good demonstration.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Game 5 of basketball season

Our fifth game was much better. we ended up in a tied game 52 to 52. We were losing by 3 with 10 seconds left we stole the ball and hit a 3 to tie the game we then stole the ball again and we missed to win the game but the ball came to me with 1 second left i threw it up and it went in and out at the buzzer. This was an amazing game for our team. Wish we could have won though. I had 21 points and seven 3's. As a team i was very pleased with our improvement as we continue to get much better with some communication and teamwork.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

B1 Verbal Transcription Form

For this unit we did a jump roping activity called the forward 180 jump. After making my verbal transcription form i was able to notice everything i said word for word. I think i showed much more confidence this time around with a louder voice and much less waiting time this time around. I was able to demonstrate what i wanted and get the class to recite my cues for me as well. I would like to work on some things such as saying OK and you guys a lot. Besides that i think i am showing much improvement from where i started in the beginning of the semester.

feedback analysis form

For Lab B1 we had a jump roping unit. After i completed the feedback analysis form I was able to see how much talking i did and who i was talking to. I think i did a much better job this time talking to different people. I do have to learn to keep my back to the wall and make sure i never have my back on any of the students. I plan to improve that next time. I also would like to give more feed back to more of my classmates, but i think when i do give advice back im good at giving congruent advice back. What i did in this lab will help me for lab B2 next time around.

Collage of Pictures of my Teaching

Teaching Part II

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My letter to a parent on why pedometers are used in my physical education class

Dear Mr. T.V. Fox

Thank you for reaching out to me with your concern. In my physical education classes I am using a device called a pedometer. What this device is used for is to help me track my student’s physical activity throughout my classes. These pedometers help my students keep track of how active they are in class. The pedometer is a suitable tool for promoting lifetime activity as well as measuring such activity in my class. The pedometer provides valid assessment of the relative volume of activity performed in class.
There are many reasons that I use these pedometers in class for my student’s advantage to an active healthy lifestyle. For a better clarification I will explain to you two reasons why we use the pedometers in class. The first reason we use these pedometers that I supply to my students is so they can wear them throughout the school day. At the end of the day, students can then check the number of steps they have accumulated. Physical activity goals for the 6th grade are then discussed and set in class, and the students try to meet their personal goal for two or more consecutive days. This allows for me to discuss with each individual their personal goals which is strictly confidential between me and the student.
My students have all been given a one week log to complete in which they will record the types of activities and the number of steps they accumulate each day. An average daily count can then be calculated to see whether they are accumulating adequate amounts of activity on a daily basis. These reasons are very important to why the students are required to wear these devices so that the student, parent, and I can better understand where the child is at with physical activity.
I plan to meet with Suzanne to collect and record her step counts every class we meet. After I have gathered the data for the day the student can then reset their numbers to zero. I will record the number of steps accumulated throughout each day for a week for each individual student. These numbers are only for the student and me to see and not to be shared with any other classmates unless the student allows so. I will then use these numbers for the week to help set goals for each individual student.
I hope that this explanation better clarifies the pedometer and its reason for use in the physical education department. If you may have any further questions please feel free to contact me at 845-399-5094 as well as my school email Your concern is greatly appreciated and I look forward to a great year with Suzanne.
Coach Yanik

Lab 2 Reflection at St. Marys School

Today was day number two at St. Marys working with the kids. I actually really enjoyed today working with the kids. I have always worked with kids and when i tend to play with them i get very creative and talk a lot with them. Today we play some activities with the kids. We ran many games with them up in the gym. I noticed having my whistle was a great way of communicating with the kids as well. Many of them when you told them to run or walk or jump they would do the complete oppsoite and not register exactly what locomotor movement it was they should have been doing. The kids really seemed to enjoy scooter soccer. We played tag games and many other games. I tend to take over too much when i am in my group i guess because i have had a lot of experience with kids so its just natural instinct to lead actvities with the kids. I was actually suprised to see that some of the kids came up to me and said i remember you i was chasing you last week and playing with you. Overal it was a great day, but i would like to work on being a little more prepared with backup games when the ones we choose are not as fun as we thought for the kids. Im really enjoying my time with the kids at St. Mary's.

Lab B1 Jump roping unit

For this lab i think i did a great job on a hook. I used a little story line from the previous week to try and lure my students in. Going into the lab i was a little nervous because i am not a good jump roper. Once i got into it i was able to explain what i wanted and what i was looking for. Next time i am going to change the way i stand and try to be on the outside of the circle or L shape i make with the kids. I think i had my back to the students a little to much. I would also like to improve on giving more specific feedback next time. Overal i am starting to feel more confident and understanding all the different ways there are to becoming a better teacher some day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teaching at St. Mary's Slideshow

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Working with the kids at St. Mary's on different things such as tag games, reading, and playing house with the girls and dinosaurs with the boys. Finding different fine motor skills within each individual.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Becoming a Teacher

Every day i get much closer to satisfying NY to become a teacher. I now have 4 out of the 6 things done to become a teacher. Only thing standing between me and becoming who i want to be some day is 3 state test and my degree. I now have my fingers printed, my own TEACH Program, my CAR worshop, and my SAVE. Almost there...... Dont ever give up and things will pay off in the long run... DREAM BIG.......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Basketball game 4

Tonight was game number four. we lost a tough one with only 5 people playing. we lost 50-29. after 1 half it was 15-15 but we just ran out of energy my team and we lost a tough one. As the team captain i am trying to get my team to keep playing hard and don't give up. It is just for fun but i like to use this as a good way for me to work on my coaching skills and i hope soon we win some games.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Basketball Game Number 3

Tonight was my third night as a team captain. we lost another close game but we showed much improvement. Every game i am able to show more leadership but i would like to get our team on a winning record...... We have another game sunday night.... We have to keep our heads up and be ready to play our next game.

Coach Yanik

Teaching Pictures from St. Mary's