Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My letter to a parent on why pedometers are used in my physical education class

Dear Mr. T.V. Fox

Thank you for reaching out to me with your concern. In my physical education classes I am using a device called a pedometer. What this device is used for is to help me track my student’s physical activity throughout my classes. These pedometers help my students keep track of how active they are in class. The pedometer is a suitable tool for promoting lifetime activity as well as measuring such activity in my class. The pedometer provides valid assessment of the relative volume of activity performed in class.
There are many reasons that I use these pedometers in class for my student’s advantage to an active healthy lifestyle. For a better clarification I will explain to you two reasons why we use the pedometers in class. The first reason we use these pedometers that I supply to my students is so they can wear them throughout the school day. At the end of the day, students can then check the number of steps they have accumulated. Physical activity goals for the 6th grade are then discussed and set in class, and the students try to meet their personal goal for two or more consecutive days. This allows for me to discuss with each individual their personal goals which is strictly confidential between me and the student.
My students have all been given a one week log to complete in which they will record the types of activities and the number of steps they accumulate each day. An average daily count can then be calculated to see whether they are accumulating adequate amounts of activity on a daily basis. These reasons are very important to why the students are required to wear these devices so that the student, parent, and I can better understand where the child is at with physical activity.
I plan to meet with Suzanne to collect and record her step counts every class we meet. After I have gathered the data for the day the student can then reset their numbers to zero. I will record the number of steps accumulated throughout each day for a week for each individual student. These numbers are only for the student and me to see and not to be shared with any other classmates unless the student allows so. I will then use these numbers for the week to help set goals for each individual student.
I hope that this explanation better clarifies the pedometer and its reason for use in the physical education department. If you may have any further questions please feel free to contact me at 845-399-5094 as well as my school email Your concern is greatly appreciated and I look forward to a great year with Suzanne.
Coach Yanik