Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lab 2 Reflection at St. Marys School

Today was day number two at St. Marys working with the kids. I actually really enjoyed today working with the kids. I have always worked with kids and when i tend to play with them i get very creative and talk a lot with them. Today we play some activities with the kids. We ran many games with them up in the gym. I noticed having my whistle was a great way of communicating with the kids as well. Many of them when you told them to run or walk or jump they would do the complete oppsoite and not register exactly what locomotor movement it was they should have been doing. The kids really seemed to enjoy scooter soccer. We played tag games and many other games. I tend to take over too much when i am in my group i guess because i have had a lot of experience with kids so its just natural instinct to lead actvities with the kids. I was actually suprised to see that some of the kids came up to me and said i remember you i was chasing you last week and playing with you. Overal it was a great day, but i would like to work on being a little more prepared with backup games when the ones we choose are not as fun as we thought for the kids. Im really enjoying my time with the kids at St. Mary's.

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  1. Dear Mitchell
    Im so proud of you and to be your mother! You say go and reach for the stars?! Well you will and and did son!! And thatIm proud of you!! When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are! And you got that right!! Keep reaching Mitchell, cause the more you reach the better you become son! Ive never been more prouder of you than Iam of now! Because you can prove it to yourself that you can do it not only to us but mainly & more importantly yourself & thats the most important goal of all! That you will be happy & its all for you not for anyone else just for you! This is a big accomplishment for you in your life! It seems like yesterday i was holding your little hand & taking you to nursery scholl! Boy how time flies!! I do have a tear drop in my eye right about now! You have come a long way baby! And you will reach those stars & you will change other children's lives and be an inspiration to them as others were to you! You will be remembered as years go on like you remembered others as well!And who knows maybe you will inspire another child to become a teacher just like you! So yes Mitchell Im so proud of and I love you so much always and for ever and just keep reaching for those stars always!! Your the best!! Love always & forever Mom (your mommy)lol