Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lesson desription Teaching

After i watched my lesson description on teaching a skill i was able to make some observations. The first thing i noticed was the volume of my voice. I need to really use a deeper louder voice when teaching my lesson because i will be dealing with a lot of kids at once. I have always been a quiet person so this whole using the voice to be loud is very new to me and i will do everything i can to overcome it. For the most part i thought i was clear, maybe i could use a different pitch or tone of voice for different areas of my lesson to grab the kids attention more. I think i did ok here in this video with my body language, my biggest obsticle will be making eye contact and making sure i have great posture. I used my hands in this video. I think i said some good things but with more rehearsal i think maybe i could have said some more things. My intent was to teach my class how to throw a baseball, i think i was able to get the message across to my class by even asking who has played baseball before. I would like to say that i thought the class understood what i was demonstrating to them. I used 4 steps to describe how to throw. I was thinking about comparing how to throw to an airplane taking off for an example. The next time i teach i would want to say a little bit more with a deeper voice. Maybe i would describe each step a little more for better understanding. Overal for a start i think i did pretty good besides my voice being too low. I am very excited to improve upon my first little teaching lesson and get much better as the year goes on.