Sunday, February 28, 2010

Summer Camp Fun with the Kids

Working with the kids over summer. Santa arrived early for some Christmas in July. I really enjoyed dressing up and seeing the expressions on all the kids faces. I love my summer JOB.

Feedback Analaysis Form Part 2

In my feedback analysis form for the jump roping in Lab B for 2 i did a much better job on giving feedback to my students as i came close to 10 kids that i gave feedback to. Some of the kids i did not mention by name so i was unaware of who i was giving feedback to. I had to deal with my first behavior problem both good and bad. All of this practice is great for me down the road and i hope to improve off of what i do wrong and right. I gave much more feedback this time around which was good, and every class i would like to improve how many people i give feedback too.

Jump Roping Transcript Part 2

Through my transcript form For this jump roping unit i used an MP3 player and i was able to just hear how i sounded. I think not being an expert at jump roping hurt my ability to feel confident but overall i felt i did a good job communication and selling off the best job i could that i knew what i was doing and i used a guess speaker to help demonstrate what it was i wanted. A couple times i used um and a few times i got mixed up on the words i wanted to use but i felt good with how i approached my students and looking for the correct cues and behavior issues i had to deal with.

Jump Roping Unit part 2

This time around i was able to teach for 7 minutes with 5 task this time. I thought i did a good job transitioning from one task to the next as well as having someone as my guess speaker to demonstrate what it was i wanted to have done. I did not include a intra task variation this time which is something i need to remember to include next time as well as a visual aide. I think i did a good job using congruent feedback for my students. There was one time when 2 of my kids got out of hand and i had to go correct their bad behavior while teaching my lesson at the same time. I think my hook of asking the kids if they liked dancing or boxing got them into what i was about to teach as well. As i come out of my shyness and get more comfortable i will start to do much better i feel. I gave simple cues and a good demonstration.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Game 5 of basketball season

Our fifth game was much better. we ended up in a tied game 52 to 52. We were losing by 3 with 10 seconds left we stole the ball and hit a 3 to tie the game we then stole the ball again and we missed to win the game but the ball came to me with 1 second left i threw it up and it went in and out at the buzzer. This was an amazing game for our team. Wish we could have won though. I had 21 points and seven 3's. As a team i was very pleased with our improvement as we continue to get much better with some communication and teamwork.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

B1 Verbal Transcription Form

For this unit we did a jump roping activity called the forward 180 jump. After making my verbal transcription form i was able to notice everything i said word for word. I think i showed much more confidence this time around with a louder voice and much less waiting time this time around. I was able to demonstrate what i wanted and get the class to recite my cues for me as well. I would like to work on some things such as saying OK and you guys a lot. Besides that i think i am showing much improvement from where i started in the beginning of the semester.

feedback analysis form

For Lab B1 we had a jump roping unit. After i completed the feedback analysis form I was able to see how much talking i did and who i was talking to. I think i did a much better job this time talking to different people. I do have to learn to keep my back to the wall and make sure i never have my back on any of the students. I plan to improve that next time. I also would like to give more feed back to more of my classmates, but i think when i do give advice back im good at giving congruent advice back. What i did in this lab will help me for lab B2 next time around.

Collage of Pictures of my Teaching

Teaching Part II

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My letter to a parent on why pedometers are used in my physical education class

Dear Mr. T.V. Fox

Thank you for reaching out to me with your concern. In my physical education classes I am using a device called a pedometer. What this device is used for is to help me track my student’s physical activity throughout my classes. These pedometers help my students keep track of how active they are in class. The pedometer is a suitable tool for promoting lifetime activity as well as measuring such activity in my class. The pedometer provides valid assessment of the relative volume of activity performed in class.
There are many reasons that I use these pedometers in class for my student’s advantage to an active healthy lifestyle. For a better clarification I will explain to you two reasons why we use the pedometers in class. The first reason we use these pedometers that I supply to my students is so they can wear them throughout the school day. At the end of the day, students can then check the number of steps they have accumulated. Physical activity goals for the 6th grade are then discussed and set in class, and the students try to meet their personal goal for two or more consecutive days. This allows for me to discuss with each individual their personal goals which is strictly confidential between me and the student.
My students have all been given a one week log to complete in which they will record the types of activities and the number of steps they accumulate each day. An average daily count can then be calculated to see whether they are accumulating adequate amounts of activity on a daily basis. These reasons are very important to why the students are required to wear these devices so that the student, parent, and I can better understand where the child is at with physical activity.
I plan to meet with Suzanne to collect and record her step counts every class we meet. After I have gathered the data for the day the student can then reset their numbers to zero. I will record the number of steps accumulated throughout each day for a week for each individual student. These numbers are only for the student and me to see and not to be shared with any other classmates unless the student allows so. I will then use these numbers for the week to help set goals for each individual student.
I hope that this explanation better clarifies the pedometer and its reason for use in the physical education department. If you may have any further questions please feel free to contact me at 845-399-5094 as well as my school email Your concern is greatly appreciated and I look forward to a great year with Suzanne.
Coach Yanik

Lab 2 Reflection at St. Marys School

Today was day number two at St. Marys working with the kids. I actually really enjoyed today working with the kids. I have always worked with kids and when i tend to play with them i get very creative and talk a lot with them. Today we play some activities with the kids. We ran many games with them up in the gym. I noticed having my whistle was a great way of communicating with the kids as well. Many of them when you told them to run or walk or jump they would do the complete oppsoite and not register exactly what locomotor movement it was they should have been doing. The kids really seemed to enjoy scooter soccer. We played tag games and many other games. I tend to take over too much when i am in my group i guess because i have had a lot of experience with kids so its just natural instinct to lead actvities with the kids. I was actually suprised to see that some of the kids came up to me and said i remember you i was chasing you last week and playing with you. Overal it was a great day, but i would like to work on being a little more prepared with backup games when the ones we choose are not as fun as we thought for the kids. Im really enjoying my time with the kids at St. Mary's.

Lab B1 Jump roping unit

For this lab i think i did a great job on a hook. I used a little story line from the previous week to try and lure my students in. Going into the lab i was a little nervous because i am not a good jump roper. Once i got into it i was able to explain what i wanted and what i was looking for. Next time i am going to change the way i stand and try to be on the outside of the circle or L shape i make with the kids. I think i had my back to the students a little to much. I would also like to improve on giving more specific feedback next time. Overal i am starting to feel more confident and understanding all the different ways there are to becoming a better teacher some day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teaching at St. Mary's Slideshow

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Working with the kids at St. Mary's on different things such as tag games, reading, and playing house with the girls and dinosaurs with the boys. Finding different fine motor skills within each individual.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Becoming a Teacher

Every day i get much closer to satisfying NY to become a teacher. I now have 4 out of the 6 things done to become a teacher. Only thing standing between me and becoming who i want to be some day is 3 state test and my degree. I now have my fingers printed, my own TEACH Program, my CAR worshop, and my SAVE. Almost there...... Dont ever give up and things will pay off in the long run... DREAM BIG.......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Basketball game 4

Tonight was game number four. we lost a tough one with only 5 people playing. we lost 50-29. after 1 half it was 15-15 but we just ran out of energy my team and we lost a tough one. As the team captain i am trying to get my team to keep playing hard and don't give up. It is just for fun but i like to use this as a good way for me to work on my coaching skills and i hope soon we win some games.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Basketball Game Number 3

Tonight was my third night as a team captain. we lost another close game but we showed much improvement. Every game i am able to show more leadership but i would like to get our team on a winning record...... We have another game sunday night.... We have to keep our heads up and be ready to play our next game.

Coach Yanik

Teaching Pictures from St. Mary's

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dodgeball Modifications

A major debate in many school districts to this day is whether or not dodge ball should be played in the physical education setting. Many teachers have their own opinion on whether or not they would allow the game of dodge ball to be played in their class room. In my own opinion i do not like dodge ball and would not include it as an activity in any of my classes. I feel that the game has a huge down side to it such as it leads to lots of inactivity as well as weaker children being singled out or picked on. It also leads to severe injuries in some cases. I see no point to the game and i never did like it. I feel that the sport needs to be removed from the school, but if i were to keep it i would make a modification because i know that kids love the game but it would need to be played differently in any class i taught.

There are some physical skills and ability though included in the game such as strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, and dodging skills. It does include using catching skills and your agility skills. It does include some strategy and team work which are all great characteristics to use in physical education setting.

One idea i would have is that i could separate the kids who feel they want to play all out with the kids who want to try it but are scared to with the bigger kids so i could separate the gym so that half is playing in an intense game and the other is more of a friendly try it out game. I feel that having two different levels of the game going at once would make some kids feel better about themselves and enjoy the game more. I know i would like that if that was an option in my classes. The game can be very fun but when you feel intimidated or not good enough it takes away from the fun of the real game and the skills that are actually included with this game. That would be my variation to making the game more fun for all as well as keeping most of the class active i would make it so that if you get hit you enter the other teams side so this way everybody is playing at once and the team that has everyone wins. By having the students separated in two groups this would allow for safer play and more kids active at once as well with the slight change in the rules to the game.

Under standard 1 of NYS, more specifically students using this modification of dodge ball under standard 1B will improve their health and fitness more specifically their cardio respiratory endurance by staying active the whole game and switching sides at all times when hit with a ball in their skilled group level. Their muscular strength as well as endurance will be used by throwing the ball with power at moving targets. Under standard 2 which is for safety and a healthy environment students will under 2a demonstrate social skills and teamwork while at the same time active in physical activity. Under 2b students in this game will demonstrate self expression and communication in working together under a safe environment within their placed level of skill. In this game students under standard 2c will be able to indicate safety hazards such as not throwing at body parts higher than the chest and no ball should be used to bully another student as this is a fun environment.

Under NASPE standards students who perform this modification of dodge ball using standard 1 will demonstrate competency in their motor skills and movement patterns to perform this activity through their dodging skills, throwing skills, and balance. Under standard 3 at all time my students will participate in physical activity because when a student is hit they will then switch to the other side allowing for no one to sit or not be physically active. Under standard 4 students will maintain health enhancing level of physical fitness. Their cardiovascular endurance will be maintained throughout the activity at a high level. Under standard 5 students will demonstrate social behavior that respects themselves and others in this game by complimenting other student's throughout and obeying by the rules of where to hit someone and what level they chose to play in. Most important in this physically active safer modification to the game students will demonstrate health and sport related fitness at all times. In a safe environment under sport related fitness students in this game will demonstrate balance, coordination, agility, speed, power and especially reaction time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Verbal Transcript

In the verbal Transcript form, i was able to see where i said good things and where i made some mistakes. I noticed i had too much wait time and i used ok a lot as well as not loud enough a few times. I Gave too many cues when i said there would only be four and even that was way to many. overal i think i am getting better but i do need to improve on not being quiet give more feedback and try to avoid always using guys and OK. I thijnk i did a good job on explaing what i was expecting with my cues though because i saw a lot of good form.

Feedback Analysis Form

After writing about my feedback analysis form I was able to find out who i talked to and what I gave advice on and what I did not give advice on. I think i need to give more feed back on both behavior and skills, not so much behavior because we are dealing with college students with no behavior problems but i could give some more positive feedback possibly. I was good at giviing congruent feedback though. I will try to use more feedback next time on more people.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time code form

After filling out my time code form I was able to see how much i was in my active and non active zones. For my second teaching lesson i gave too much instruction and not enough activity. I need to work on cutting down my cues and allowing my students to work and play more. I feel i may have talked a little bit too much but its not a complete bad thing because i am learning from my mistakes and now know that next time i need to cut down on my instruction and let them perform the skill with more time. They did get to play a game like situation by playing knock out after they did their practice shots but next time i need to explain everything right away quick and simple then let them play the rest of the class until the end when i gather them for a closure.

Coaching video A2

My second time coaching i think i did a lot better. The one issue i had though was that i used to many cues and i had a little bit too much waiting time when i made the group go get a basketball and then had them come back and explain to them what i wanted them to do. I liked that i was dressed up and that i felt more confident. This time i even used a game like situation as well as picking out a few kids and having them demonstrate what it was i was looking for. Overal i think that i am improving and once i can become more confident i feel that this will get better for me.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Teaching a football lesson


Teaching baseball lesson


Teaching basketball lessson

Teaching different sports

Tennis lessons


Pics of me dressed up

Friday, February 12, 2010

Coaching My brothers baseball team

My brother is the starting shortstop and number 2 pitcher for all stars all that hard work with him pays off.. Glad to see my little brother dominate a sport so much with his blazing fastball and for 11 years old nice change-up and his own developed breaking ball..... do work buddy..... I as well get to move up another level as a coach with my brother. Getting closer every year to what my goal is .......

coach yanik

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Coding

After filling out my time code form i was able to see that much of my lesson was mostly instruction as well as activity. based on the standards i actually fell inot my right percentages for 4 out of the 5 points. The only spot i did not meet was the instruction i went a little over the percent of time that i should be working on instruction. I had my students active for 54 % of the time and no waiting time and very litte management time. Next time i could try to make the instruction a little bit less and more specifice with better cues. Overal i think for a first time i fell into the percentages with good time.

captain of basketball team game two

We had our second game of the season and lost by a lot again. We have to start working better as a team. We are starting to figure each other out a bit. Once we all start to click together as a team i think we will be good. As we were playing last night as the captain i was able to spot out some things we were doing wrong and was able to point it out to my team so that we can change this for the next time we play. As the leader i am going to have to work on getting everybody to play on the same page so that we can play as a team and not individually. its tough because we need everybody to know what everyone's good at in order to work as a team. We showed some improvement, and we anticipate on getting there soon so that we can win some games.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PED 201 First Lab Experience

Today wednesday February 10th at St. Mary's I worked with children for my first lab expereince which turned out to be extremely fun. We started out by playing tag games with the children and running around the gym. That was a lot of fun as the kids were all laughing and having a great time. I thought it was so cute how the kids that were it would get the biggest kick out of tagging the adults. I would play down at their level too so that it made it easier to tag me and i could be more face to face with them. The expressions on the kids faces was amazing. After that i worked with the pre K kids. The first room i went to there were a bunch of girls playing dress up, i invited myself to play with them and from there we had a lot of fun, the girls all forced me to eat all of their food and they wanted me to get my nails painted and they seemed to enjoy when i pretended to cook on the stove with them. When i went to room number 2 the boys spotted me first and asked me to play dinosurs with them. So i helped them name the dinosours and we played that for a while. Afterwards i read to the class storytime. They all seemed to love the book and payed pretty good attention. The girls i noticed were a little bit more behaved and relaxed. Then we went back to the gym and played more games with the pre K kids and got to know their names. Overal today was a great experience and i look foward to going back next time as i always love working with kids and being a kid again is always fun. I learned some kids names and some kids loved having me there and asked when i was coming back so i felt like i made a contribution.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Captain of basketball team Game

Had a game tonight, first game of the season. This was the first of many games as a team captain for my intramural basketball team. We ended up losing 39-24 but during the loss we figured out a lot of things about each other and we will meet next time to improve our game.. Our next game is tonight at 10..We will bounce back next game.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 hours of participation

This year i am a captain of an intrumural basketball team and will have pictures uploaded very shortly of me playing the game at various dates. Each game is about an hour. We had our first scrimage on thursday as a way to help the referees get some training in. It was the first day our team met and we have a lot to improve upon. Our next game will be tuesday and wednesday at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. I look foward to an exciting year of playing and help lead my team to some wins and fun.

coach Yanik

Intro to my class

This was just a quick 5 second introduction to my class to grab the attention of my studnets or anybody following my site. The one thing i would have changed in this video would have been after i took the video i noticed my hands were in my pockets which i didnt want to happen but relized after the video where they were. So being more alert of my body posture will help me be a better teacher as well in my lesson plan and again i have to work on using a deep strong voice for clarification and to grab my studnets attention. I hope you all enjoy participating in my class this year and we have a great semester

Coach Yanik

Lesson desription Teaching

After i watched my lesson description on teaching a skill i was able to make some observations. The first thing i noticed was the volume of my voice. I need to really use a deeper louder voice when teaching my lesson because i will be dealing with a lot of kids at once. I have always been a quiet person so this whole using the voice to be loud is very new to me and i will do everything i can to overcome it. For the most part i thought i was clear, maybe i could use a different pitch or tone of voice for different areas of my lesson to grab the kids attention more. I think i did ok here in this video with my body language, my biggest obsticle will be making eye contact and making sure i have great posture. I used my hands in this video. I think i said some good things but with more rehearsal i think maybe i could have said some more things. My intent was to teach my class how to throw a baseball, i think i was able to get the message across to my class by even asking who has played baseball before. I would like to say that i thought the class understood what i was demonstrating to them. I used 4 steps to describe how to throw. I was thinking about comparing how to throw to an airplane taking off for an example. The next time i teach i would want to say a little bit more with a deeper voice. Maybe i would describe each step a little more for better understanding. Overal for a start i think i did pretty good besides my voice being too low. I am very excited to improve upon my first little teaching lesson and get much better as the year goes on.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Physical Education

Im going to be a teacher in Highland high school this year. getting so close. motivation and heart and a passion for what i do will get me to my ultimate goal.... NEVER GIVE UP....... There are many things you must overcome to be who you really want to be and im determined to fight my weaknesses to be the coach and educator i want to be....