Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PED 201 First Lab Experience

Today wednesday February 10th at St. Mary's I worked with children for my first lab expereince which turned out to be extremely fun. We started out by playing tag games with the children and running around the gym. That was a lot of fun as the kids were all laughing and having a great time. I thought it was so cute how the kids that were it would get the biggest kick out of tagging the adults. I would play down at their level too so that it made it easier to tag me and i could be more face to face with them. The expressions on the kids faces was amazing. After that i worked with the pre K kids. The first room i went to there were a bunch of girls playing dress up, i invited myself to play with them and from there we had a lot of fun, the girls all forced me to eat all of their food and they wanted me to get my nails painted and they seemed to enjoy when i pretended to cook on the stove with them. When i went to room number 2 the boys spotted me first and asked me to play dinosurs with them. So i helped them name the dinosours and we played that for a while. Afterwards i read to the class storytime. They all seemed to love the book and payed pretty good attention. The girls i noticed were a little bit more behaved and relaxed. Then we went back to the gym and played more games with the pre K kids and got to know their names. Overal today was a great experience and i look foward to going back next time as i always love working with kids and being a kid again is always fun. I learned some kids names and some kids loved having me there and asked when i was coming back so i felt like i made a contribution.