Sunday, June 13, 2010

Completeing My Field Experience

I was very fortunate to complete 2 weeks of working at the middle and high school levels as a physical education teacher. I ended up working 80 hours during my time between the 2 schools. I really had one of the best times ever knowing i was living my dream and how close i am to reality. Both of my schools told me i was welcomed back any time and to stop by and see how i was doing. The kids were all asking me if i would take over and be the teacher there at the school. That made me feel i was doing my job. I ended up making two bulletin boards one for each school and i really enjoyed my work that i completed. I am all done with the binder of work and all ready for my interview. Always dream big and work as hard as you can and your dreams will all come into place. They say if you are not stressed you are not working hard enough.