Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jump Roping Unit part 2

This time around i was able to teach for 7 minutes with 5 task this time. I thought i did a good job transitioning from one task to the next as well as having someone as my guess speaker to demonstrate what it was i wanted to have done. I did not include a intra task variation this time which is something i need to remember to include next time as well as a visual aide. I think i did a good job using congruent feedback for my students. There was one time when 2 of my kids got out of hand and i had to go correct their bad behavior while teaching my lesson at the same time. I think my hook of asking the kids if they liked dancing or boxing got them into what i was about to teach as well. As i come out of my shyness and get more comfortable i will start to do much better i feel. I gave simple cues and a good demonstration.