Saturday, May 15, 2010

A letter to the Superintendant of my School

Dear Mr. Superintendant:
I am writing this letter to you in regards to funding for equipment, space, supplies, and facilities for an upgrade for our school district. We here in the physical education department feel that physical education is a very important aspect of every child’s learning just as much as any other academic class the students may take. We feel that our students will receive the most learning with the proper equipment and for the safety of our children as used in NYS learning standard number two. We feel that it is very important for our children to have as many supplies as possible for their learning. For example we could use new equipment in our tennis unit we are currently in at the moment. Many of the racquets are broken and almost not usable for our students. We feel this is very important to receive new equipment along with more supplies because here at New Paltz High school physical education is much more than just participation and attendance and playing the sport of tennis or any unit we teach. When we teach an unit here we believe it is very important for our students learning to cover every domain such as their psychomotor, affective, and cognitive skills. We not only look at our students ability to participate and play during class we assess our students on all three domains. We feel that getting new equipment and more supplies is very crucial for our student’s success and learning. Along with this we ask for more space for our students to perform their skills as well. Using the gym alone is not enough space for our students to demonstrate enough of what is required of them in NYS learning standard 1A and 1B. We would like to be able to use the tennis courts over at the college and would need transportation. We feel this is equally as important because students must have the right facilities to demonstrate to us their ability to perform a skill such as stated in learning standard 1A. Also in order for our students to be successful it is useful to have them learn from learning standard three which requires that our students have an understanding of resource management. We feel that applying our tennis skills on an actual court will be very beneficial for our students learning and awareness of great places to maximize their playing while in physical education class. All of these skills are equally important to us here in the physical education department using the NASPE standards as well. When I first received the job and was working with the older physical education teachers they told me physical education was about taking attendance, participation and reading the news paper. Receiving my degree from Cortland University told me otherwise and I am very prepared to do everything in my power to make learning for my students the most beneficial as possible. What I have learned over time in all of my experience and classes taken at the University of Cortland is that physical education is more than what others may make it out to be. I have learned so much more about physical education than when I first started out and agreed with the older generation, but after much research and years of school I am prepared to do everything in my power to request kindly that we are able to receive the funding for our class for a better education and reputation here at New Paltz High School. Here is a web page of an example of the standards we follow here at New Paltz High School. If there are any other questions regarding this email please feel free to contact me through my number at 555-5555 or through my email here at the high school, I look forward to hearing back from you and meeting so we can discuss this further more in person. Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you,
Mitch Yanik (Physical Education Department)