Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reflection on St. Mary's experience

Today was a really fun day at St. Mary's. I could tell for me it was going to be a good day because as soon as i walked into the gym all of the kids went crazy and were screaming hes back and jumping up and down and wanting to talk to me which made me feel good. I really love working with these kids. For me working with kids is an amazing experience. The one kid we observed today was not doing what he was told to do so i went up to him and asked him to copy me and do what i did and he listened very well. After i talked to him and made him laugh he would not leave my side and when his mom came to pick him up he told her mommy this is my new college friend Mitch. It was one of the cutest things i have seen working with kids. My song went pretty well with the kids as they all liked the YMCA and did a great job of doing what i asked them to do. Overall though the kids were very loud and did not want to listen to many of the games that were asked of them to play. I feel that i have a good way of talking with kids and making them buy into what i want them to do with me so when i took the certain kids that were not listening and played with them they seemed to really like the game and wanted to keep playing. I look forward to going to the school every time because working with these kids is a great experience. I love the fact that the kids remembered me and were happy to see me. You just have to be a kid yourself and stay motivated and they will buy into what you want them to do. The one kid that really liked me asked his mom and me when i was coming back because he wanted me there every day. Its stuff like that, that makes me love doing what i do.