Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reflection on Easter Lab at St. Mary's

Today was a really nice experience. Our theme for the lab this week was Easter. I wore bunny ears and put some makeup on my nose and cheeks for whiskers and had a great time with the kids. When i walked in all of the kids came running over to me and were happy to see me. They loved what i was wearing and had many questions for me. Every time we go to the school i have an amazing time. I look forward to it because these kids are a great bunch. I love the fact that they remember me and ask me when i am coming back again because they like when i come. That makes me feel really good and i love to see the expressions on their faces. Today's lab was pretty fun. We ended up working with the older kids and played football with them and they had a great time. They wanted to play the entire time. I brought eggs and many of the kids took one home with them after we were done for the day. I truly enjoy my experience at St. Mary's. When you play with the kids and get involved they seem to appreciate you more. I love just jumping in and playing with the kids. I thought for the most part many of the games went really well. I was not able to play my game with the kids that i had planned because we ran out of time but i was able to participate in the other games. Today was another great experience with the kids. :)