Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Running Feed back

This is a form that shows the feed back that i supplied for the individuals in my class. After watching my video i can clearly see why i missed points on feedback. It bothered me watching the clip because i want to be the best i can and as i was watching it i noticed i hardly gave any feedback to my students which is a very important aspect of teaching or my students will never know what they are doing right or wrong. It bothered me to watch it and not see any feedback or enough. I gave too much feedback to the kid that was doing the best in the class and not enough to the rest of the class. This is something i will for sure fix for the next time i teach because after watching the video i saw that i was too quiet and not enough advice back to my students. I will make sure i use more specific congruent feedback next time i teach. Giving feedback is very important and i now know where i messed up so i am glad i watched this video for later references on teaching.