Monday, March 29, 2010

Reflection On Lab C Teaching

For this Lab I taught the class free running. This was roughly around 12 minutes of teaching my peers. I worked really hard to prepare for this teaching unit. I was very worried about not ever being in the gymnastics room and seeing it all for the first time. I know that during my teaching i was not able to teach like the way i wanted to with where i wanted the mats placed and where i wanted the student's. It turned out there were not enough mats to do the way i had placed on my lesson plan. From this i was able to learn how to better prepare my time management because i was setting up more than i wanted to. I ended up teaching by invitation when i wanted to teach with intra-task variation. I was happy that i was able to use scaffolding in my unit of teaching as well as pinpointing. In my lesson plan i had it all figured out how i would demonstrate to the class each task i wanted them to do but when the time came to tech i must have got a bit nervous and did not demonstrate every task i only demonstrated how to run and left out the other task by demonstrating. I also need to work on my feedback. I did not give enough feedback which is very important. I was trying to think of ways to give congruent feedback by using the names of my students that i was teaching. Those were the major things that i left out of my teaching. I was happy with the way i used my visual aid and my instant activity and my checking for understanding with my student's but next time i am going to try very hard not to be so nervous. Not being familiar with where i was teaching really hurt me because that was the first time ever entering that room. Now next time i will make sure i can familiarize myself with my surroundings. I feel that i am getting much better as i try everything possible to overcome my shyness that sometimes affects the way i know i want to teach but don't. My goal for the next teaching lesson is to be more confident and prepared with where i teach so that it turns out the way my lesson plan is written. I'm happy with how i did all together though.