Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflection on my teaching Self Defense Unit

My final teaching unit for the year was on self defense. I was very nervous at first when I saw I would be teaching self defense about 4 weeks ago. After 4 weeks of preparing myself and meeting with self defense teachers and other students to learn more about my unit I became more and more comfortable with what I was going to teach to my class. I rehearsed for hours in my dorm so that I would say everything that I wanted to say when it was my time to teach. I worked on this teaching unit for weeks. I had my progressions done and my lesson plan well in advance as well as my visual aids. Meeting with the self defense teacher really helped me a lot in preparing myself to teach for this unit. My reflection on this day was very positive. I have come a long ways since the first day when I taught basketball. The first day I taught I knew nothing about the C-9 form as well as the way I was dressed was nothing like how professional I looked for lab D. I am very happy with how I am progressing as a teacher candidate. I am more confident now but still very shy and need to work on my voice projection. My last lab that I taught I covered everything and more on the C-9 form and I was very proud of myself and the way I prepared for this teaching unit. I was confident and knew what I wanted to say. I was even able to throw some jokes in there as well to loosen up the atmosphere. I did notice I said umm a few times which I want to try and avoid but overall I was very pleased with how far I have come since the first teaching unit in the beginning of the year. I feel that once I can overcome being a quiet person I can do anything that I want to do with the right amount of preparing as well as my work ethic. In lab C I forgot to demonstrate some task as well as give feedback, this time I gave a lot of feedback and I demonstrated every move from different angles as well. I also used intra task variation this time which I was very pleased about and worked out well. One other thing I really rehearsed was if someone acted up in my class what I would do for discipline. I was very prepared for any situation that would occur in my class. I would separate any kids who could not handle being partners and then go from there. Lab D turned out to be a great finish for me and I am very proud of the outcome overall. I would like to just work on being more loud and less shy.