Monday, April 26, 2010

Self Defense Forms

This is a form that shows the kind of feedback I was able to give to my class. I was very pleased with the amount of congruent positive feedback I was able to give throughout my lesson. There were a few times I had to use negative behavior feedback for a few of my students that got a little out of control. Overall my class was very smooth with little problems and I gave more feedback than I had done all year. I was pleased with the amount that I gave back to my students. One thing I would work on is making sure I always have my back in the right direction so that when I am giving feedback I can still keep an eye on the rest of the other students as well.

Also my students had to do a homework assignment as well for self defense. I also assessed my students to make sure they were all getting the concept down of what I was teaching as well. Here is an example of my assessment tool as well as the homework assignment I gave my students for self defense.

Here is a self c-9 form on how I think I did when it came to teaching my self defense unit for lab D. I was very proud of my amount of preparation and I feel that it showed when I taught. It was by far the best teaching experience I had all year long. Based on what I feel that I covered in my teaching self defense I feel that I covered everything that should be done on the self C-9 form. I was very prepared and ready to teach. I was confident and happy to be teaching something that I prepared for. My lesson I feel went very well.

Here is an example of the developing the content that I made for my self defense unit. This information shows me that I used my cues to go along with the tasks I had my students do in class along with the challenges I made for students who felt the activity was very simple. Based on what the information told me it showed that I used my task followed by my cues and then a challenge for students who felt the activity was too easy. The graph based on where the X’s were put shows me a direction the kind of resemble a M letter shape which I believe is a good sequence order for my teaching the content. My task and cues I felt were very clear and understandable for my students to learn the activity.
Here is a time coding form on how well I was able to spread out the time of my activity time and instruction as well as the waiting and management time. After filling out this form I noticed I got 2 out of the 5 points but I was only 1% off from getting activity time which is a huge improvement from all my other teaching lessons. I am very pleased with the amount of activity I supplied for my students and I now know that I am almost getting there and very close to making the percent of activity time for my students. One thing I would like to cut down on is my instruction time, I noticed this number was fairly high but overall I feel that I have showed great improvement since the first teaching lesson. My management and waiting time were very little just have to work on a little more activity and little less instruction for my students.