Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Toy Story at St. Mary's

In today’s lab we had toy story as a theme. We did not have the gym today so are alternate was playing outside which was quite a bit different. The kids were much more rowdy. We were able to play our games but some of them were a bit more difficult because some kids who did not want to listen would change the mood for the other kids making it harder to explain the game or play it the right way. When we went down stairs the kids were much better and calmer. I played with the kids and had a good time today. I liked the theme of toy story. I actually dressed up as woody and had a fun time with the effort I put in to dress up and make the kids happy or question who I was or why I was dressed up. I really enjoy working with the smaller kids and to see their expressions when we play the games with them is amazing. I think the change of where we were made it a bit different for the kids to focus but overall they all had a fun time and many of them were out of breath because we had them moving around a lot and doing lots of kicking running and dribbling. I look forward to the last lab when we meet. It has been a great experience at St. Mary’s.