Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rhesus Monkey Development Experienment

This clip shows me that the baby monkey is going to the wired mother with the milk attached to it very little. This video is very familiar to human child development in many ways as well. But the major monkey mother that the baby monkey was attached to was the cloth mother monkey, this may be because children like the feeling of warmth and comfort over any other variable even including nutrition. A child in development will naturally flock towards comfort and warmth of their mother which is evident here in this monkey experiment. Care giving is very important in social and cognitive development. The monkeys feel most comfortable when they are frightened to flock to the cloth which is the warmth and comfort of the mommy monkey, this changes though as the baby monkey gets older just like with a child's development we become less attached to our mothers comfort and warmth and more attracted to feeding our hunger and feeding ourselves as we get older.