Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Heroe's Reflection at St. Mary's

Today was the final day at St. Mary's. I really am going to miss the kids a whole lot. Today was by far one of the most best days we have had at St. Mary's. It was superhero day and we all dressed up for the kids to make the environment much more fun. When me and my buddy Matt showed up as Mario and Luigi the whole entire gymnasium erupted and all the kids started going crazy, they all started chanting Mario and Luigi. The older kids and the youngest kids were all going crazy like as if a famous person had just walked into the gym. I was pretty impressed by the welcoming. The kids loved our costumes. I absolutely had an amazing time this year at St. Mary's. I am really going to miss the kids there because they all became very attached to me like most kids do anywhere i go to work. Like everywhere I go when i work with kids the hardest part is saying goodbye and knowing its over and not seeing these kids and how happy they get when they see me every other week. I have always known that i want to work with kids when i start my career but after today I was just saying to myself this is most definitely what i can see myself doing for the rest of my life, there are no words to describe how happy i am when i work with kids. I got to work with the Pre-K today for some time and that was an amazing experience playing with these kids. Their imagination is just amazing. They were some of the cutest kids. If i get an invitation to work there I will defiantly consider it because working with kids is what i know i want to do 110%. I can not wait to make this my career and change the lives of many kids and just enjoy what i do. Even the older kids were having a blast with me today, some of the kids that usually misbehave were even very good. This was a great way to go out at St. Mary's.