Friday, January 29, 2010

Reflection on teaching lesson

1. I think the parts that went well in my lesson of teaching how to shoot a basketball was my ability and knowledge to teach what i already know and to help the class understand how to shoot a basketball with good results. Having a small group who listened very well made my job much easier as well. I saw good results from my classmates making me feel that my lesson went well.

2. I think the parts that i have to improve on in my teaching the skill to the class is my ability to not be so shy and use a deeper voice. I think that my shyness is the biggest part of my teaching that i need to improve on the most. I think i could of used some more detail in how to shoot the ball but again my shyness takes the ability away of my knowledge and i get nervous talking to kids my age. I also could of made the drill more of a game. It would have helped though if the hoops were down in the gym so i could walk around and see their technique.

3. The improvements i listed above are going to impact my students learning and motivation because if i show that i am more enthusiastic and use a deeper louder voice i will show my students that i know what i am talking about and care deeply and have a passion for what i am doing. If i can master that i think that i will have the ability to teach and have more fun. Also if the baskets were down i could have made the drill more fun for the students rather than them just throwing the ball up with no target to shoot at. If my students are having fun i think they will be much more motivated to want to participate and that all starts with my ability to express myself more and to be more creative..